PANunited is a Boston based steel band dedicated to preserving our cultural tradition started in Trinidad & Tobago some 80 years ago.  Formed in 2001 by then 14 year old Charleston Sarjeant, with the help of his family and close friends, PANunited became a force in Boston’s Caribbean community winning 2nd place 4 out of the 5 times we competed in the annual steel band competitions during the Carnival celebrations.  We built strong partnerships with the Boston Arts Academy, Boston Public Schools, the City of Boston, Spontaneous Celebrations and many other community and civic organizations, spreading the joy of steel pan music and exposing many to a new musical instrument. 

All grown up, PANunited is back with the calling to foster growth and goodwill in Boston’s steel pan community which has nearly been decimated over the years. Common purpose, unity and goodwill are the hallmarks of our new organization and we hope to change the way the public views our instrument, tradition and the Caribbean Carnival in particular.  Boston Carnival has shrunk drastically in recent decades and has been plagued with bad press from gang violence in the neighborhood around the Carnival festivities.  We hope our work plays a part in revitalizing Boston Carnival and fosters an environment for more steel bands to sprout thus keeping more at-risk youth of the streets. 

Most of all, we strive to show the fun, joy and immense talent the Caribbean community continues to foster here in Boston.  From young people learning steel pan and music theory to people of other ethnicities learning our culture, bringing friends and families together for a common purpose and most of all: fun - this is who we are.


We are currently taking bookings for a duo, 4 piece or 6 piece version of PANunited - contact Charleston Sarjeant for more information

Stay tuned for announcements regarding 2019 Boston, Worcester and Cambridge Carnivals 

2011 - Mission Impossible